My name is Toni Sala. I was born in a little Spanish town in 1982. Since my mind can remember, videogames had always something that attracted me. At the beginning were only a way to have fun but slowly became something more.

I have always had a creative part of myself but, I don’t know exactly why, I never exploited this creative potential out of my spare time. In fact, I got interested in computers when I saw a 3D animation advertisement on TV. That was incredible! “Can I do things like that with a computer?!” Some months later I managed to get a copy of 3D Studio 3 (not MAX yet). That was an awesome piece of code! Since then I have been working on some personal creative projects related to 3D modeling and animation, photo manipulation and coding. However, always in my spare time and never considered to publish anything. It was a hobby for me.

The year before going to the university, I new degree was started in a university of Barcelona, Spain. It was basically a standard Computer Science degree but with a multimedia approach. There was a subject about programming videogames!! That was my degree 🙂

After completing the degree I started to work at the university as a researcher. However, that was not for me. And about one year and a half ago I started a new project with a university colleague. It was and iOS project. We called it “paintingWalls“. That was really exiting 🙂 The app got a huge success. We reached Top 10 Paid Apps in 8 countries including Spain, France and Italy!! Top 3 Paid Apps in Spain!! 🙂  And, in fact, currently is still selling quite well. I guess that there will be some posts about paintingWalls on this blog 😉

And now. Now I am working in a new iOS app. But this time, finally, is a game 😀 Provisionally named “New Sokoban“. And, this time, it has real chance to get published. Actually, I thing that it is in a 60-70% of development approximately. [EDIT] It finally got published! That was amazing!!

So, in this blog I’m going to explain stories about my experience on iOS developing. Wow! Very unique! Yes, but each experience is different and may be interesting for someone… I hope 😉

Ok so, welcome everyone!!

About Toni Sala

Indie game designer and developer
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5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Victor says:

    Hi Toni!

    You are a great developer and I wish you good luck!
    Where can I see how does it look like? Is there a demo or a video anywhere?


  2. Toni Sala says:

    Hello Victor!

    Nice to hear from you again 🙂

    The game isn’t still completely finished but you can have a taste of the current version on the last post published: http://indiedevstories.com/2011/02/05/designing-new-sokoban/

    Thank’s for your support!!!

  3. Erwann Robin says:

    I thought your were indian …
    why have you chosen this blog title ?

  4. Erwann Robin says:

    got it : indie is for independant !

  5. Toni Sala says:

    Yes! That’s it! Here you’ll find Stories from an Indie Game Dev 😉

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