New Sokoban official launch

Today’s post is going to be short (hope so). Basically I would like to announce that finally New Sokoban is officially available on the App Store!!! 😀 It has been a long and hard way, but finally, my own first iOS game is out.

New Sokoban icon

I would like to share with you some thoughts an feelings.  I consider myself a game designer and creator of experiences. So, for me, the human factor is very important. When I design games (and New Sokoban was not an exception) I always try to imagine and visualise people playing it. My aim is to make them have a pleasing experience, to make them feel something special.

I believe that if you put your best when designing and developing games, players receive the message somehow. Maybe, they don’t realise about it, but for some reason they enjoy the game and the experience it offers to them.

It is like when you are preparing a present for somebody that is very special for you. You could buy any book, or any flower, or even an iPod. However, what you actually do is trying to find out something special for both, you and that special person. And you do that because you want to see him or her happy. You want to feel the bond that links you both.

For me, New Sokoban is this kind of thing. I have been working hard on it, trying to make it a special present for all iPhone or iPod owners. This is why it is free. I would be very pleased if people try New Sokoban and make me know if they feel something of what I have just explained.

New Sokoban and my game design philosophy were presented at devUp, the first iOS Congress in Spain. The audience was first surprised about my speech, but later some people congratulated me in person and via twitter. Actually, I was invited to give another speech next 20th of May at Synthesise, another iOS Congress in Spain. So, maybe, that people received my message correctly.

Finally, here you have some New Sokoban information:

Please, spread the word!! And follow me on twitter to get the latest news about New Sokoban progress!!
Thank you very much!

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6 Responses to New Sokoban official launch

  1. Enrique says:

    I wish you the best luck with your sokoban!

  2. Toni Sala says:

    Thank you Enrique!

    I’ve been playing Apocalypse Dunk. Nice artwork and gameplay. Love the frog of the plague stage, the background of the war stage and the flip screen feature of the Death stage. Great game! An iOS version would be awesome 😉

  3. Avishay says:

    The game crashes at the first screen on ipt4g os 4.1 please fix It soon

  4. Toni Sala says:

    Avishay, the issue has been addressed and a new version has been submitted to Apple.

    Apologize for the inconvenience.

  5. Orcrist says:

    Congratulation for this fantastic job!! The game is incredible and highly recommended for everyone. And furthermore, the game trailer in the official web page is awesome xDDDD.


  6. Toni Sala says:

    Thank you very much Orcrist! I’m glad to see you enjoyed both the game and the trailer! 😀

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