New Sokoban

New Sokoban_reflex

  • Project name: New Sokoban
  • State: released version 1.1.2
  • Oficial website:
  • Description: New Sokoban is a puzzle solving game that challenges you with a renewed version of classic sokoban logic game. What about sliding the boxes while swiping onto your device screen? What if sokoban world got new rules and laws? New Sokoban offers to you a completely new gameplay that makes solving puzzles a peaceful and brain breaker experience. Are you ready?

This is my first iOS game. This blog is mainly about the development of this game, so you can find a lot of information about New Sokoban an its development browsing this blog. You could start here.


4 Responses to New Sokoban

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  2. Stefan says:

    Very epic sounding trailer 🙂
    I love Sokoban games – I’ll gett it now.

  3. Toni Sala says:

    Great! Tell me what do you think after some playtime :p

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